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  LINCOLN - The lockers at Lincoln High School have been given a new life by Jet Electro Finishing.

  Proprietor Derek Lightbown explains the process: "Paint is applied through an electros static gun. The paint itself has a positive and negative charge and will adhere Electrostatic Paintingto any metal object. The paint just seems to wrap around the metal with no overspray and now mess."

  Derek is quick to point out that "It's not like spraying paint from an aerosol can - there's no mist in the air. It's a simple, yet highly perfected process."

  According to Lightbown, there are no limits to it's use and versatility. In schools, such as Lincoln High, lockers can be refurbished and made to look like new again. Even lavatory partitions can be rejuvenated by Jet.

  Businesses have begun to appreciate its revitalizing powers. File cabinets, metal desks and chairs, for example, can be completely re-done in the space of a weekend - while the place is closed.

  You can leave a worn-out looking office on Friday evening and return to a bright and sparkling one on Monday morning without even knowing that a crew had been there.

  Derek tells about one local company that had its machinery electrostatically painted. "They wanted to color code everything and at the same time, perk up the plant. It's great for overall morale and adds to the efficiency and modernization of the production process."

  But the untapped market, as far as Lightbown is concerned, is the residential consumer. Locker painting and locker repair"People just aren't aware of what can be done in the home to re-do metal appliances and hardware rather than replace them," he says.

  Why continue to live with that harvest gold refrigerator from the 1970s? And, why discard it if there's plenty of life left there? Just have it electrostatically painted white, or almond, and any of the new shades currently in vogue.

  Derek suggests that since it's very expensive to remodel a kitchen, the way to do it economically is through his company. "We recently did a set of metal kitchen cabinets - inside and out - and the finished product was absolutely beautiful!" he says with pride.

  "And," he continues, "we stand behind everything we do because customer satisfaction is very important to us. The business has been around for 10 years, and we expect it to continue for a very long time."

  The possibilities for Jet Electro Finishing seem endless. A recent job involved electrostatically painting all the produce cases at a local supermarket. All of their work is done on site, and they will move anything that needs moving. They only ask that you clean out a refrigerator or set of cabinets before work begins.

  Thanks to Jet Electro Finishing, there is now a way to beat today's rising costs - by re-doing rather than replacing.

  File cabinets, lockers, elevators, lav partitions, appliances, desks, and chairs can be reconditioned quickly, easily, and economically.

  Call Derek Lightbown at 728-5809 for details and prices. If he's on the road, just leave a message and he'll get right back to you.



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Jet Electro
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