Spray Painting ExamplesJet Electro-Finishing Inc. has been specializing in electrostatic painting for over 17 years. Our process is a smart and cost effective alternative to replacing lockers.

All lockers are sanded, washed, and rinsed. These steps are essential for a successful refinsihing project.

The Lockers are electrostatically refinished using a Ransburg spray process that eliminates all overspray.

We have a large selection of locker parts, new lockers, solid plastic lavatory partitions, shelving, and more.

21 Brilliant Colors in Three Tough Finishes

Standard Finish
(all products)

PowerCoatPlus™ Finish
(for lockers)
X-Off™ Anti-Graffitti Paint Finish (for lockers)
Perfect for most applications. The paint surface has been proven to be tough and durable. Standard finish is available in both power coat and wet paint processes. (depending on product and point of manufacture). PowerCoatplus is a cost-effective way of inproving the durability and rust resistance of steel lockers. After a specialized cleaning and pre-treatment of the steel, a 2 mil thick coating of power coat enamel is applied and baked onto the steel surface (replaces galvanized steel). PX-Off Anti-Graffiti Paint provides a surface coating that allows easy removal of graffiti with the special Erasol cleaner. This specially formulated paint has a tight molecular structure that completely seals the locker surface, preventing graffiti and corrosive agents from penetrating the finish.
Color Selection Chart
Slight color variations are inherent in all paint processes. For this reason, we must retain the right of reasonable color variation from samples presented.



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Jet Electro
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  • Started as a Family business
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Jet Electro Finishing is the answer to your difficult painting needs. Whether it's lockers or office furniture, we can make it look new again.

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